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Simple Webpage Design for Beginners Course

Its EASY to Create your Own Webpage or Landing Page

Course Fee: $195/= 

The course provides basic skills as to create simple and interesting webpage

In this one day workshop, you will learn how to:

1. Set up website. Select a professionally designed theme for the website. Add dynamic pages (About, Services, Contact) Include powerful apps like a webstore, blog or calendar

2. Add content. Brand website header with company's logo. Drag and drop content areas like slideshows, forms and maps. Bring it to life with personal images and videos.

3. Publish and share website. Launch website with a single click. Create a custom domain name to add a little extra polish. Share website masterpiece with family and friends

4. Get ready for visitors. Optimize the site for search with Webs SEO booster. Learn about the traffic and visitors with the STATs tool. Watch the traffic grow as to make recommended changes

Who will benefits from this course

Webpage Design Course

1. Web Designer: To create their own webpage or working as part-time webpage builder

2. Blogger: To promote their Personal Blogs. Create Online Shop for their Products or Services

3. Online Marketer. Home-based Business Owner, SMEs, who wish to build their own basic webpage

4. Personal Coach: To promote their own personal image and private consultancy and coaching

Webpage Design Course

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